A forum to stimulate public education toward a NEW EDUCATION PARADIGM

“America’s high schools are obsolete. Even when working exactly as designed they cannot teach our kids what they need to know in today’s world.” Bill Gates, May 2005

WELCOME…There is little doubt that public education is in trouble. The call for reform to public education goes back more than 50 years, but despite much effort, the education paradigm has changed little since public education’s earliest days.

Presented by a veteran educator, this web site is about a new education paradigm, it is about creating a new paradigm for public education that makes sense in today’s world.

We invite educators, public school teachers and administrators, university faculty, researchers, policymakers, parents, student, and people interested in education to share your experiences with a New Education Paradigm initiative, research, or planning underway, or an expression of interest in a New Education Paradigm. Click on Forum share your experience.

Key questions:

  • What new paradigm will bring true reform to K12 public education?
  • What new systems will mobilize a new paradigm to achieve true reform?
  • How can we bring about a new paradigm and new operating systems?

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